Artist Statement

I initially proceed by making my work autonomously until arriving at a point of balance; keeping mostly in mind the functions of my tools and the principals of color theory or design. At this stage my technique can be both organic and open-ended or more controlled and unforgiving in its approach. These marks or items are created less or more deliberately or in a calculated fashion but only when I've felt necessary. Intuitive switching brings about a kind of mystery with the process of my work. Never knowing exactly how a piece will appear until the very end.

In my work, I investigate both objectively and non-objectively; experimentally and intuitively. Its a process of searching on the surface for the beauty I know will most certainly be there. My paintings use a variety of colors, figures, symbols and forms to describe a surreal realm. Its a strange and playful world that's inspired by experiences in my youth and addresses subjects of desire, security, nostalgia, self-discovery and pleasure. These thoughts are rooted in my upbringing and are often presented as segmented satires of personal realities in the present day.

I may start with a sketch or thumbnail when exploring this world. Yet, the subject matter of my art is usually discovered through the process or completion of my piece itself. Often times, this makes the medium I begin or finish with irrelevant. Ink, graphite, spray paint, acrylics, and masking tape are the primary mediums I enjoy working with on a wooden panel or paper surface.

The popular culture that I was socialized with often serves as an inspiration in my work. I was an avid toy collector, gamer and cartoon fan in my youth and early adulthood. For as long as I can remember I'd always create imaginary scenarios between the characters. It didn't matter what their respective backgrounds or original concepts meant. It was a world that knew few boundaries and was an important conduit for learning. Later it aided my understanding about the joys I found behind the hybridization of different things. This is something that I've always found interesting and exciting. This is something that felt limitless and dreamy while participating in the creative process.

Curriculum Vitae

Augustine Cordero, (b. 1983, US)


BFA in Studio Art: Drawing and Painting, University of North Texas, College of Visual Arts and Design 

Solo & 2 Person Exhibitions:


Hide And Seek, Arts Letters and Numbers, Albany NY (with Betsey Gravatt)

Selected Group Exhibitions:

Knick Knack, Voertman's Gallery, Denton, TX

Weird Destiny, Voertman's Gallery, Denton, TX
Oaktopia Live Painting, Denton, TX (with Travis Sykes)

Oaktopia Live Painting, Denton, TX (with Travis Sykes)
Artists With Paychecks, Voertman's Gallery, Denton, TX
Raw Art X ArtLoveMagic, Gas Monkey, Dallas, TX
Fluorescent Void, Oak St Hall, Denton, TX
Linework, Voertman's Gallery, Denton, TX

Staff Exhibition, Voertman's Gallery, Denton, TX

Arte Latino, LuminArte Gallery, TX

A Celebration of Art and Soul, 2300 W. Oak. Denton, TX
F1 Austin Show, Pine Street Station, TX
Serious Problems, Natlie’s Cafe, TX
Shiny and New, Natalie’s Cafe, TX

The Under 500 Exhibition, LuminArte Gallery, TX
Confertiti, Tex Gallery, TX
The April Show, Tex Gallery, TX
Underground, Janette Kennedy Gallery, TX
Art as a Weapon, Smoke & Mirrors Gallery, TX
The Under 200 Exhibition, LuminArte Gallery, TX

3rd Annual Art of Skateboarding, Janette Kennedy Gallery, TX
Illuminating Artists Through Design & Architecture, LuminArte Gallery, TX
Denton Rising Artists, LuminArte Gallery, TX
Macmaster The New Valectomy, Cora Stafford Gallery, TX
Denton Does Tyler, Currents, TX
Tex Gallery 5, Tex Gallery, TX

The Wake, Fig – Fashion Industry Gallery, TX
Deep Ellum’s Fall Gallery Walk, 2616 Commerce, TX
The Feeling is Mutual, Rubber Gloves Recording Studio, TX
Senior Drawing & Painting Exhibition, Cora Stafford Gallery, TX
1/2 Asleep, Cora Stafford Gallery, TX

Krunk Picnic, Denton Civic Center, TX
Watching This Will Make You Better, Rubber Gloves Recording Studio, TX
Strawberry Fields Show,  Strawberry Fields, TX
Deep Ellum Block Party, Club Dada, TX
Which Way Does it Go?, 2919 Stella House, TX
Halloween Maskerade, F6 Gallery, TX


Artis Letters & Numbers, Albany, NY

Arts Letters & Numbers, Albany, NY

Professional Experience:

2013 – 2018
Voertman's Art Manager, Denton, TX

Art Tutoring, Denton, TX

2009 – 2012
Voertman's Art Associate, Denton, TX



Professional Practices Lecture, Texas Woman's University, Denton, TX (with Betsey Gravatt)
Hide & Seek Artist Talk, Arts Letters & Numbers, Albany, NY

Print Publications:

Heath, Michelle: “Locals Host Gallery Event at Home to Showcase Art”, North Texas Daily
Breeding, Lucinda: “On the rise Little D to make big splash in Dallas”, Denton Record Chronicle,
October 21, 2010
Breeding, Lucinda: “ARTONTHERISE Dallas gallery stands up, takes notice of Denton’s growing arts scene” Denton Record Chronicle, October 31, 2010


2010 - 2011

Red Letter Collective

2008 – 2009
Denton Artist Resource Collaborative